KwaZulu Natal dachshunds and dachshund crosses up for adoption

Mooi River & District SPCA

Yesterday it was puppies’ day; today the spotlight is on an adult chap needing a home.

So if you want a furry chum but don’t feel up to the task of raising a puppy, then Skipper could be the answer to your dreams.

A handsome Dachshund X, Skipper has loads of love to give.

Call us to make an appointment to visit him.
WhatsApp +27 83 385 0807


SPCA Durban
Coco is a happy little pooch and loves to bounce around the garden looking for an adventure. She is a 1 year old Corgie cross. Unwanted. Kennel B6 Ref: 91610. For more information on our orphans, or the adoptions process, please call Adoptions on 031 5796525/6. Please quote the reference number provided per dog.

Animal Anti-Cruelty League, Durban

Her two sisters have been adopted so little Hershey really hopes it will be her turn soon!

She has LITERALLY grown up in kennels 🙁
Born Sept 2020

For more information call Jenny on 031 736 9093 or email


SPCA Lower South Adoption
A beautiful smiley boy waiting for you here.
Admin: #0199D K10
Breed: Dapple Daxi
Age: approximately 2 years
Gender: Male

The Blue Bundu Brigade Animal Rescue & Rehoming Kzn
This is Tigger, a 7 year old male Dashchund X.
He is very lovable, loves to be part of the family and around people.
Very good with children.
He is well socialized with other dogs, not a lover of cats.
Tigger is sterilised, vacs up to date and will be microchipped on adoption.
Strict home check and adoption fee applies.
Contact Karen on 0624368810 via WhatsApp

Cooper 11Jun

SPCA Durban

Cooper is a happy little boy with a curious and playful nature. He is a 4 year old Daxi cross. Stray. Kennel B14 Ref: 94679. Kindly note that all adoptions are strictly by appointment due to COVID protocols. For more information on our orphans, or the adoptions process, please call Adoptions on 031 5796525/6. Please quote the reference number provided per dog

SPCA Pietermaritzburg
Rosie is a female, Daxie x of roughly 3 years old. Rosie is a friendly girl who seems to like sitting on your lap when she gets a chance. She enjoys little treats and chin scratches. Rosie is looking for a home! For more information or to make an appointment to come and meet Rosie, please call the office on (033) 386 9267.[0]=AZV54Xgy6wHsv7NvHgwjaOvgRAp531Ew1D9r5a7OddmN



The Blue Bundu Brigade Animal Rescue & Rehoming KZN

Chewy is a 6 year old male, Daxie X Shisu needing your be rehomed.
His mommy has recently got married and Chewy hasn’t taken well to the new man in the house.

Chewy is good with other dogs, cats unsure.

Chewy would best be suited to a home of a retired or elderly couple.

Strict home checks and adoption fees apply.

Contact Karen on 0624368810 via WhatsApp

Jazzy & Sade 11Jun 1

The Blue Brigade Animal Rescue & Rehoming KZN

MARIA 0722622795
💙🐾 These 2 cross breeds need a lifeline urgently. The owner is sickly and the dogs were being looked after by a kind lady in Port Edward. The carer has unfortunately passed away and the owner is unable to drive to collect them or take them back.
From the owner:-

Female. Black dog is Jazzy, Tan dog is is Sadé from the same litter. I’ve had them since pups. Vaccinations up to date until 2019 when I left the country. They have been sterilized. Very good with kids. They love kids and playing hide and seek. They don’t like fearful, screaming babies. Very good with kids. Very good with other dogs. Not sure how they get along with cats. Approximate age 8 years, but waiting for records from vet who treated them since they were pups. They have never been ill. Very strong dogs. Very friendly, lovable dogs. Very good guard dogs. Very alert. Will alert you if someone is on your property that shouldn’t be there .Both are house trained, but I always kept a gate open for them to potty during the night. They are housedogs. They love wide, open spaces. Each one has her own personality. They love belly scratches, hugs and kisses. They were allowed to sleep on furniture, but if told to get off, they would and then later try to sit on your lap. Sadé was hit by a car and her one hind leg is too weak to jump up too high. Very good with people.