Limpopo dachshunds and dachshund crosses up for adoption

Natalie 0764118476

Gorgeous scared little young Dapple Daxie girl picked up on the Bloempoort road.

She has mange, stinks, is very dirty and very hungry.
She had a nice warm bath and feels much better.

We need a sponsor for Bravecto please?

We don’t think she will be claimed by an owner so she will be up for adoption.

Adoption fee is R750 and includes deworming, vacc’s and steriisation.

If you want to adopt this pretty girl or can sponsor her Bravecto, please contact Natalie.

015 781 2415

Little ROVER looks so scared!

Please offer this cutie a loving home!

082 965 5151

Meet our new dapper Daxie family… FINN, CHESTER, BEAR, MILO & THEO!

They were surrendered into our care, as their human could no longer care for them.
We are thankful that the decided to entrust them into our care.

BEAR and MILO are the oldest of the fabulous 5, MILO is 3 years old and BEAR is 1 year.
FINN, CHESTER and THEO are roughly 5 months old now, they all came from the same litter.
This is why it is so important to sterilise your pets, to make sure they do not end up in a shelter, due to no fault of their own.

They are all Daxie x-breed boys and all have such unique characters, but in true Daxi style, they are alert, lively, clever, playful and will be totally devoted to their human!
FINN & MILO have the most amazing dusty, chocolate colouring and BEAR is just the most loving, cuddliest, sensitive boy ever.

They were completely shell shocked when they arrived, but they have come out of their shells and it’s amazing to see!

Please help us to mend their broken hearts!
Please come and meet these 5 dashingly, dapper Daxie boys… but hold onto your hearts peeps, it’s impossible not to fall head over heels for them!

015 781 2415

What a sad but beautiful boy!

Please offer Chappie a warm and loving home!

015 781 2415

Pretty SUZZIE needs a place to call home.
Can you offer her that?

082 965 5151

Meet our incredible girl … KLARA!
KLARA was adopted from us when she was just a wee little pup and when we followed up with the family to book her for her sterilization, we got the most shocking news that KLARA was given away to an employee of theirs, after being with them for only 1 month.

Our Inspector immediately took action and made sure that KLARA was returned into our care.

So at the tender age of only 6 months, KLARA finds herself back at our SPCA, due to no fault of her own.

KLARA is the most adorable, affectionate little Daxie / AfriCanis x-breed girl.

She is so hungry for love and human attention, it’s honestly heartbreaking to see.
KLARA shares her camp with 3 other dogs, so she is well socialised too.
She will be an easy fit to any family willing to give her a second chance.

Please come and meet her for yourself, KLARA melts your heart without even trying.

KLARA we are so sorry humans let you down, we promise to do our utmost best to make sure it does not happen again.


Jen 078 431 3161

Meet our wonderful duo, RUSHKA and MEITJIE!

RUSHKA is a Great Dane, about 2.5 years old. She’s deaf and partially blind, with eyesight still deteriorating. She needs monthly injections of R1 200 and 2 Allergex pills a day. She is unaware of this though and plays and lives life to the full.

Rushka is a big gentle soul with so much love! She loves to walk with her head between your legs or leaning against you.

Her side kick, MEITJIE, the little Daxie, goes everywhere with her.
Meitjie is Rushka’s ears, eyes, teeth cleaner and best friend and she is around 5 years old. She is very alert and loves treats.

Both are very placid loving dogs who also get on well with other dogs.

They are a package deal and must be adopted together.
They will need to have a stay-at-home mom/dad.

Please offer these girls a loving home!