Limpopo dachshunds and dachshund crosses up for adoption

079 398 6784.

These dark sad eyes and drooping ears are begging to get out of the cold kennel!

Please consider adopting this gorgeous little boy!

By appointment only.


015 291 1088.

Little RUSSEL is 3 years old.
He was attacked by a pit bull last year and our vet removed his eye.

His owner felt he wasn’t safe with all the Pit bulls in his area, and decided to surrender him to the Spca.

Russel is so adorable! Can anyone offer him a new home?

‼️❌U R G E N T❌‼️
Jen 078 431 3161

Urgent forever required for these two. Owner has moved to non pet friendly place.

RUSHKA is a Great Dane X Labrador. She is 3 years old and she’s deaf and partially blind.
She is unaware of this though and plays and lives life to the full .

That’s why MEITJIE, the little Daxie, goes with.
Meitjie is Rushka’s ears, eyes, teeth cleaner and best friend and she is also 3 years old.

Both are very placid loving dogs.

They are a package deal and must be adopted together.
They will need to have a stay at home mom/dad.

Please offer these girls a loving home!

082 965 5151

Meet our adorable new little”Party of 5″!

Now this amazing little family was rescued off the streets.
They were found wandering, digging in dirt bins and looking for scraps of food.

We have given them two weeks to settle in and for their condition to improve.
They have started to warm up to us and are incredibly hungry for love and affection, however they will need a human willing to win over their trust with patience and love.
Once you have won them over, oh boy, you will be showered with never ending, unconditional love and adoration, like no other!

There are 4 Daxie x-breed dogs, 1 male and 3 females.
Then there is the little Peki x-breed girl.
We had to give her a good shave to get all the dreadlocks and matted her off and to rid of her of the terrible flea infestation that was underneath it all.
She already look and feels so much better now!

They can be adopted separately.

Please come and meet them or share far and wide and help us to find each of them the very best forever homes imaginable!
They truly deserve to know what a real loving home and family is!