Limpopo dachshunds and dachshund crosses up for adoption

‼‼U R G E N T‼‼
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What a stunning exceptionally colored little boy!
And being deaf does not keep him back at all!

Please consider adopting this beautiful boy, but hurry, time is not on his side anymore!

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Meet our adorable new duo… ABIGAIL & BENJAMIN.

These two were surrendered into our care, completely shell shocked and scared out of their wits.
But it only took a day or two of some TLC, a soft touch and voice and plenty of treats and their amazing characters came bursting through.

ABI & BENJI are only 1 year old now and basically just puppies still.
Once you have won their trust, these two are happy, bouncy, playful, loving little dogs, so deserving of a forever home and family.

ABI is a bit more reserved and shyer than BENJI, but they both are just incredible and long for a human to call their own!

They are Puggie-Daxies (Pug X Dachshund), what a magnificent mix!
These breeds are friendly and loving, they will adore their humans with those big puppy eyes!
This mixed breed is extremely loyal and devoted to their families. They will be sweet and cuddly and will love to stay on their owner’s lap.
There is NOTHING not to love about these two precious pooches!

They can be adopted together or separately, as long as we find them the very best forever homes.

Please, please share their post or come and meet the for yourself, you too will fall completely in love with our ABI & BENJI!

Jennifer 078 431 3161

LILO and STITCH are inseparable mother and daughter….

This awesome duo are looking for their forever home together.
They are very very sweet and sleep together.

Please offer these girl a loving warm home together!